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M&S Community of Interest
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M&S Community of Interest


The mission of the Modeling and Simulation Community of Interest is to align M&S with the Department's net-centric guidance and provide a collaborative technical forum to advise an influence the DoD Enterprise.
  • Shareable M&S: M&S data, information, information technology (IT) services, tools and standards are made visible and accessible to the DoD Components and Communities enabled by M&S.
  • DoD Net-Centric Guidance: M&S is aligned with the Net-Centric Data Strategy and guidance, Net-Centric Services Strategy and guidance, and IT Architecture.
  • Collaboration across the Enterprise: M&S COI provides a collaborative technical forum to advise and influence the DoD Enterprise on technical issues involving the M&S data, metadata, and data-related tools and IT services.
Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Key Objectives

  • Promote sharing of M&S data, metadata, IT services, & best practices
  • Collaborate with other DoD COIs to extend M&S to the DoD Enterprise
  • Encourage unfettered access to authoritative M&S data
  • Refine & register M&S discovery and structural metadata to enhance M&S asset visibility & accessibility
  • Maintain & extend the M&S COI Discovery Metadata Specifications (MSC-DMS)

The M&S COI Includes

  • Working groups focused on particular technical problems or domains, including Architecture, Cyber M&S, and Data Management.
  • Operational Representation from the Military Services and Combatant Commands
  • M&S Developers and End Users
  • Data Producers, Data Consumers, and Data Integrators
  • Subject matter experts and participants from other DoD COIs, Government, Industry, Academia, and International Partners

M&S COI Collaborative Sites

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