The US DoD Modeling and Simulation Enterprise (MSE) participates in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) and its subgroups. The NMSG's mission is "to promote co-operation among Alliance bodies, NATO Member Nations and PfP [Partnership for Peace] Nations to maximise the effective utilisation of M&S." Its primary mission areas include M&S standardization, education, and associated science and technology. It is one of seven technical panels established by the then NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO), now Science and Technology Organization (STO), which promotes and conducts co-operative scientific research and exchange of technical information amongst the 28 NATO nations and 41 partner nations. NMSG membership is fully open to all NATO nations, Partnership for Peace nations and Australia.

NMSG activities are conducted by three subgroups:
  • Military Operational Requirements Subgroup (MORS)
  • Modelling and Simulation Standards Subgroup (MS3)
  • Programmes and Planning Committee (PPC)

MSE has represented the US in the NMSG since the group was established in 1999, as well as in the NATO coordinating groups from 1996 to 1999 that led to the establishment of the NMSG.

MSE coordinates with the DoD Components and Communities for their international M&S interests and priorities, and coordinates and assists with their participation in NMSG subgroup activities.

Download the NATO M&S Master Plan and technical reports, search the NATO M&S Glossary of Terms, and view more information about NMSG ongoing activities and upcoming events on the NATO Science & Technology website.