DoD M&S Enterprise Tools

The ability to manage and employ M&S across the DoD starts here!

These enterprise tools offer a broad range of functionality to:
  • Coordinate and prioritize M&S needs, requirements, and technologies
  • Support discovery and reuse of M&S programs
  • Maintain technical cognizance

Note: The use of these tools is restricted. Refer to the Access Requirements section for additional information.


Defense M&S CatalogOrganizations supported by M&S need visibility into the tools, data and services that meet their requirements. This visibility is established through a discovery process that has at its core a search capability. The DoD M&S Steering Committee commissioned the creation of the Defense M&S Catalog to establish a web-based search capability to provide a "card catalog" level of detail about M&S tools, data and services.
DoD Enterprise Metacard Builder Resource (EMBR) Portal The Enterprise Metacard Builder Resource (EMBR) Portal enables users to develop and manage DoD-standard metadata describing modeling and simulation (M&S) assets. EMBR Portal allows metacards to be exported into the Defense M&S Catalog.