Certificate Troubleshooting Guide Below are some common items you can review in an effort to troubleshoot certificate issues you may be having. Should you need further assistance, please Contact Us
  1. Please close all open browsers you are trying to connect to the website with and try again. Both Internet Explorer & Chrome cache certificates and will not load them again until a fresh session is started. Depending on what other applications are open, a reboot may be required.
  2. While certificates can be added to Firefox, that browser does not currently support CAC access to websites without 3rd party software integration. Please make sure you are loading the website in Internet Explorer or Chrome on Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  3. The following screen indicates the DoD Root certificates were not successfully installed, or open browser sessions were not closed. You can still proceed to the website by selecting the “Continue to this website” link (in Internet Explorer) or in Chrome by selecting the “Advanced -> Proceed to” process. Please note: the website and certificate process may not work as expected until the certificates are installed.
    • The DoD Root certificates are required to access CAC restricted websites. You can follow the guidelines found on the MilitaryCAC website to install them.

    Internet Explorer


  4. Ensure your certificate is an approved certificate through the Federal Bridge Program and is also one that is currently supported by MSE. From the following DISA resource, please check to see if your organization is listed on the infographic specifying who has access, and has a solid arrow connecting to it. Dashed arrows are future planned organizations but are currently not implemented.
  5. Ensure your certificates are in the browser’s certificate manager.
    Internet Explorer
    Tools (or gear icon) -> Internet Options -> Content -> Certificates

    Tools (or 3 stripe icon) -> Settings -> Show advanced settings -> HTTPS/SSL -> Manage certificates

    These paths will allow you to view the Certificates page in which you should see at least one certificate signed by your organization. Below is an example of a DoD CAC, showing 3 signed certificates. If you do not have any organization signed certificates, please contact your local administrator staff. They must be loaded into your browser in order to access the website.