Defense M&S Catalog

Organizations supported by M&S need visibility into the tools, data and services that meet their requirements. This visibility is established through a discovery process that has, at its core, a search capability. As such, the DoD M&S Steering Committee commissioned the creation of the Defense M&S Catalog to establish a web-based search capability, which provides a "card catalog" level of detail about M&S tools, data, and services. Data owners may use the Enterprise Metacard Builder Resource (EMBR) Portal to create metacards and publish them to the M&S Catalog, or use a System-to-System method if they already have a repository of their own in place.

A vital tool provided by the Modeling and Simulation Enterprise (MSE), your contributions of metadata to the M&S Catalog describing M&S assets to the Catalog, help to assist acquisition, engineering, and warfighting. Such contributions made visible benefit the entire DoD enterprise.

The M&S Catalog maintains metacards in accordance with the M&S Community of Interest (MSC) Discovery Metadata Specification (MSC-DMS). This schema specifies a set of information fields used to describe M&S resources.

For more information about the Catalog or how you can get more involved, check out the FAQ and Webinars available, register today or contact The Defense M&S Catalog Team looks forward to supporting your discovery, reuse, and interoperability of Modeling and Simulation resources.